Customer Testimonials

My new favs for cleaning  from @goodnaturedbrand. They work so well and smell AMAZING!! Seriously some of the best eco-friendly products I have found that actually clean AND gives me aromatherapy doing housework.  Don't tell, but I use the linen and room spray in my car as a relaxer at night after work.  It's a small women owned business. Check them out! -Sandra, The Rustic Life blog

One of the most pure, natural laundry detergents on the market. We own a gym and come home sweaty, with soiled gym clothes a few days a week. We've been using Good Natured Brand for almost 6 months and have yet to find a load of wash it couldn't handle. -Amazon customer

Finally an All Natural carpet deodorizer, so I don’t have to worry about my children and pets playing on it. Love the smell, very pleasant and not overpowering. Not only does my carpet smells great after using it, but my vacuum does as well. I’ll definitely be back for more! -Olga

I love how fresh and wonderful your laundry soda makes our clothes smell and the fact that it's completely natural! Our clothes, sheets and towels are as clean as they ever were when we used a commercial laundry detergent." -Amazon customer

I had tried some powders to spruce up the carpets and diminish pet-dander/smells, but I always ended up with sneezing fits, headaches, or itchy skin from the "unscented" or "nontoxic" promises on the labels. I searched Amazon for natural carpet powders and found Good Natured Brand. I checked their website and loved that all of their products are 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic so safe for sensitive skin and noses, with no synthetic preservatives.  The scents are fresh and natural from high-quality, 100% essential oils, NOT synthetic or artificial fragrances. We tried it for the first time this morning, spreading just a little over the most traveled areas. The fact that it's truly pet-safe leaves me at ease, knowing that I can use it around my animals and it comes right up without any strain on the vacuum cleaner. The carpets smell fresh, with the essential oils eucalyptus & lemon leaving an energizing scent in the air. A little goes a long way! You can also get free shipping if you have Prime :)

I first found your products in ACE Hardware where I bought your Lucky Lavender room & linen spray and then a couple of days later I was fortunate enough to find you at Whole Foods where I picked up the laundry soda. I just love them! I really am amazed by the branding you’ve created and see you as a strong competitor to Mrs. Meyers.  -Beth, Attorney and Lobbyist

I just LOVE your products. I'm especially hooked on the laundry detergent, it smells SO good! And it really cleans, unlike some all-natural powders. Great job on that! But the lotion stick is really cool, too....just love it all!  -Lisa, Fresh Eggs Daily blog

I am a mom of 2 kids under the age of 4 and we have two labradors as well. I'm going to be a consistent customer because we're loving the carpet powder and the detergent. I love the products and the vision and it's in line with my core values as well!  -#ObsessedConsciousMom

Your natural bug spray actually works! I'm always getting bitten while working in the flower gardens. The combination of lemongrass, rosemary, cedar & citronella essential oils are effective and provide a much more pleasant scent than the chemical sprays! -Amazon customer

The lemon surface cleaner was the first product of yours I tried - it's still my favorite and I always have multiple bottles in my house! -Jaime

Your Bee Calm Balm body stick is the real deal! It helps so much with dry feet and hands and is the perfect antidote to all the pool chlorine I'm exposed to from swimming several times a week. Literally my nightly routine. Love it!  -Kerri

Just got the carpet & upholstery deodorizer today and tried it out. Smells very nice and after letting it sit for about 10 minutes, then vacuuming it up, my rug smells great. We’ll be back for more products for sure. -Radu

I absolutely love your logo and packaging - so fresh and clean visually I can almost smell it through my computer!  -Cindy

I bought one of everything to take to my Mom. Some daughters bring flowers, I bring the best cleaning supplies! -Am